PARTLINER™ is granted DIBt Approval [Sólo disponible en inglés]

Breaking news! As of today you will get our Epoxy based PARTLINERTM with a special Extra: DIBt Approval! A further good reason for considering PARTLINERTM being part of your next rehabilitation measure. The grant of DIBt approval no. Z-42.3-538 confirms our strategy to count on Epoxy resins for PARTLINERTM as it was originally designed.
With PARTLINERTM, the patented short liner on Epoxy base, the success history of short lining methods began. By now the patent has expired, but the trade mark is still alive. We acquired it in 2008, and have continued to consequently develop and improve PARTLINERTM on Epoxy resin base.
Our success proves us right: the high quality system is now approved for use in private properties.
PARTLINERTM is characterized by its reproductibly perfect bond and adhesion data to nearly any surface. It is highly resistant against chemical attacks, and shows nearly no shrinkage. Further advantages are its high pressure jetting resistance, its good mechanical properties (high E-modulus) and its abrasion resistance. PARTLINERTM can even be installed on wet surfaces.
CCTV inspections performed on PARTLINERTM installed in the beginning of spot repair in the 80ies have proven the long term durability of these Epoxy based short liners. Related to durability, abrasion resistance, resistance against thigh pressure jetting and chemical resistance these spot repairs show the same good values as CIP lining with GRP. The constant improvements keep the method and product technologically on the highest level.
PARTLINERTM in conjunction with hardener RR60 and high performance ECR glass fibre mats 1386 g/m2 is approved by DIBt under Z-42.3-538. It may now also be used for private properties.
In order to always ensure highest quality, we thoroughly train new installers of PARTLINERTM – in the same quality as we already did and do for Harz8 installers. In addition to the practical training we provide to our trained installers a User Manual with detailed description of the single working steps and supporting documents for your on-site documentation.
We count on the original and the good reputation of the high quality method. The trademark protected PARTLINERTM is a product, which you can rely on!