Renovation of a liner with PARTLINER™ [Sólo disponible en inglés]

An inliner ruptured at a transition from DN300 to DN400. Together with the company Pipe Bull, we rehabilitated the area using our short liner system PARTLINER™. The result: A clean transition from liner to PARTLINER™ as well as a closed crack.

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New mail address for orders

We are constantly working on optimizing our processes in all areas to always provide the best performance for our customers.

Uncomplicated ordering and inquiries by e-mail have been possible with us for a long time now. In order to separate the two cleanly, we now have a new address for you!

From now on we accept orders at For questions and information you can still contact us by e-mail at Of course we are still reachable by phone, and will continue to accept your orders.

PARTLINER™ system for the company N. Thieltges [Sólo disponible en inglés]

Today we are pleased to deliver a new PARTLINER™ system to the company N. Thieltges GmbH & Co. KG! The system includes four different E-packers, a water tank and two so called Gerinneliner-packers. So (almost) nothing can go wrong with the short liner rehabilitation and even defective channels are no longer a problem.

Read more about the PARTLINER™ system and the Gerinneliner.

The new resiGun AIR1125 [Sólo disponible en inglés]

Just like the resiGun AIR 1500, the new resiGun AIR1125 can be used to grout a double cartridge with 750ml resin and hardener each. But now, in addition to resins in a mixing ratio of 1:1, it is also possible to process resins in a ratio of 1:2. By quickly exchanging a plunger, double cartridges with 750ml resin and 325ml hardener can now also be grout out. Just like the resiGun AIR1500 the new gun runs with 6 bar compressed air.

Find out more about our resiGuns here.

Más resina, menor esfuerzo.

Más resina, menor esfuerzo.

Aun mejor mezclado de resina con solo una pasada: Con nuestra nueva unidad de mezclado 4C 1.3 obtiene usted tres litros de resinas Harz12 o Harz14 con tan solo un proceso de mezclado-la cantidad adecuada para los cartuchos con aplicación robótica mediante el sistema de revestimiento para la rehabilitación de boquilla. Más resina, menos esfuerzo, mayor efectividad durante la rehabilitación, pues la nueva y concebida bolsa tubular 4C 1.3, con 750 ml de contenido, ideal para las resinas con empleo robótico, Harz12 y Harz14, se encuentran disponibles con nosotros.

¿Ya trabaja con nuestra calificada unidad de mezclado de engrudo 4C 1.1 y requiere siempre un llenado y medio al mezclar las resinas Harz14 o Harz12 para rellenar los cartuchos robóticos? ¿Desea que eso cambie? No hay problema: en nuestra fábrica reajustamos su unidad de mezclado 4C 1.1 con todo el gusto, de modo que en el futuro pueda también procesar las nuevas bolsas tubulares más grandes.

¿Desea también en el futuro mezclar contenidos de 500 ml de resinas como Harz4, Harz8 o FlexyPox? Tampoco hay problema. La nueva unidad 4C 1.3 así como la reajustada unidad 4C 1.1 pueden procesar, por supuesto, bolsas tubulares más pequeñas.

Venga con nosotros hacia el futuro.

A star is born [Sólo disponible en inglés]

Harz14 is the rising star of resinnovation GmbH. The resin system approved by DIBt (Z-42.3-541) takes its place by the side of the proven Harz4 system and extends the existing filling and grouting resin portfolio and application options. Harz14 may be installed by proven robotic system of ProKASRO Mechatronic GmbH and also with the systems of Hächler AG Umwelttechnik, KATE/PMO AG and IBAK Robotics GmbH.

PARTLINER – the convincing solution for the repair of CIP liners [Sólo disponible en inglés]

In 2015 PARTLINERTM has been officially granted as the first short liner on Epoxy resin base the approval by German Institute for Structural Engineering (DIBt). Beside its application range for the repair defective pipes from concrete, reinforced concrete, clay, asbestos cement, cast iron, GFR and PVC-U the product – as a unique selling point – can be also used for the repair of defective CIP linings installed into a host pipe. PARTLINERTM may according to the wording of the Approval be used for the repair of defects caused by high pressure jetting, aborted drillings or stress cracks.

PARTLINER™ is granted DIBt Approval [Sólo disponible en inglés]

Breaking news! As of today you will get our Epoxy based PARTLINERTM with a special Extra: DIBt Approval! A further good reason for considering PARTLINERTM being part of your next rehabilitation measure. The grant of DIBt approval no. Z-42.3-538 confirms our strategy to count on Epoxy resins for PARTLINERTM as it was originally designed.

Düsseldorf Airport relies on resiShield [Sólo disponible en inglés]

A zero risk strategy for the operation of the technical infrastructure of the airport is one of the principles of Flughafen Düsseldorf GmbH. Consequently the sewer network of those areas of the apron, which will be in future dedicated to the refueling and deicing of airplanes had been upgraded, when due to a construction project organisational changes in the use of the apron had to be made. Engineering office Brenner GmbH, Hennef, developed by order of the Airport Operator a prevention concept. Key issue of this concept was the protection of manholes and pipes against corrosion. The project was successfully performed within 14 days by Abwasserservice Volkner GmbH, Siegburg.
If in future airplanes need to be refueled or deiced, the pilots will have to head for other sections of the apron as they did in the past. Since on a section of the apron a new concrete pavement had to be casted, the apron traffic had to be partly re-organized. As a result deicing will be done in another section. Therefor it was not enough to re-organize the traffic and operations. Since the deicing agents are highly alkaline, and since the residues are drained via sewer pipes to the treatment plant, the concrete pipes and shafts in the new deicing section will be exposed to extraordinary chemical attack, which will result without countermeasures into premature wear and shorter life time. In order to avoid economic and ecological risk, the Airport charged engineering office Brenner GmbH with the elaboration of a concept for preventive measures to withstand the expected chemical loading.
The concept, which was developed by the engineers experienced in airports as well as in sewer rehabilitation, was mainly based on the use of the corrosion resistant materials Epoxy and glass fibre for strengthening/protecting the structures. For the sewer pipes diameter 300 mm Epoxy resin impregnated GFR long liner system PARTLINER plus of resinnovation GmbH, Rülzheim was to be used. For the preventive rehabilitation of the shafts another resinnovation system was selected; a 4 mm thick coating of the shafts with Epoxy resin system resiShield LV, which was chosen due to various advantages : Epoxy resin is the best option against corrosion; mineral based coatings do not withstand the chemical attack. resiShield is a robust tested, certified, and proven solution. In spring 2013 the system was certified to be long term resistant against Biodiesel fuel, one of the most aggressive chemicals in sewer pipes. Another reason for choosing resiShield: it may be applied on wet surfaces and has an excellent bonding strength.
Thomas Neber and Horst Winzen, the experts for pipe infrastructure from the Technical Infrastructure/Planning Department and Construction, Water Management of Airport Düsseldorf GmbH claim also practical reasons for choosing resiShield: “The material variation LV (low viscosity) can be easily applied by spraying and cures fast with the right hardener. Timing is an important factor for airport operations. 17 shafts had to be treated in extremely short time windows (at night, when there is no air traffic). Every minute counts, which can be saved.”
Company Abwasserservice Volkner GmbH, Siegburg, was awarded to perform the lining and coating works of pipes and shafts, since this company was trained and skilled in the installation and application of PARTLINERTM plus and resiShield, and had also expertise in working on airports.
Thanks to the close co-operation of the consulting engineers, who ensured the site supervision at night, represented by certified sewer-rehabilitation expert Dipl.-Ing. Daniel Kettler, the material manufacturer and of course the construction company the shafts and pipes of Düsseldorf Airport were made ready to meet future challenges.

It’s official! DIBt Approval for Harz8 has been extended [Sólo disponible en inglés]

Nothing bonds to PE – however resinnovation GmbH has developed a solution with its Harz8, which ensures the connection of close fit pipes, as well as PE short section or long section pipes to manholes. The ability of Harz8, to seal annular gaps with PE, is now officially confirmed: end of August DIBt approval was extended to include the connection of PE liners into the application range of Harz8.
Harz8 has already been DIBt approved since 2013 for the connection of CIP liners to manholes. The bright red Epoxy resin has been very popular since the market introduction, and continues its victorious march in the underground infrastructure.
Due to its durable flexibility after curing the Epoxy resin is suitable for components, which are in constant move against each other. The resin is compressible by 50 and has an elasticity of 20 percent, and thus flexibly compensates vibrations and shocks without breaking or detaching from the surface.
Harz8 does not shrink after curing, in the opposite, it extends a bit at pressing water, therefor it is the perfect solution for sealing annular gaps. Being pressed against inner surface of host pipe and outer surface of liner the resin reliably seals the pipe against infiltrations.
Various projects prove the demand for a product for bonding PE. By now municipalities and network owners are able to meet these challenges.