Visit us at the virtual RO-KA-TECH

The original PARTLINER system and the Gerinneliner had their big performances when the world could still meet in person at the big industry trade fairs like RO-KA-TECH and IFAT. Last year, we would have liked to present the new PARTLINER-Trailer at IFAT, but now, in line with the current situation, it will be presented at our booth at the virtual RO-KA-TECH from 15 March 2021 onwards.

There, visitors will get an impression in pictures and film about our latest project and can get in touch with us if they have any questions or are interested. We are looking forward to your virtual visit.

Renovation of a liner with PARTLINER™

An inliner ruptured at a transition from DN300 to DN400. Together with the company Pipe Bull, we rehabilitated the area using our short liner system PARTLINER™. The result: A clean transition from liner to PARTLINER™ as well as a closed crack.

Visit our YouTube channel and watch the video of the renovation or see more about the PARTLINER™. [activate english subtitle]

More information is also available on our website.

New mail address for orders

We are constantly working on optimizing our processes in all areas to always provide the best performance for our customers.

Uncomplicated ordering and inquiries by e-mail have been possible with us for a long time now. In order to separate the two cleanly, we now have a new address for you!

From now on we accept orders at For questions and information you can still contact us by e-mail at Of course we are still reachable by phone, and will continue to accept your orders.

PARTLINER™ system for the company N. Thieltges

Today we are pleased to deliver a new PARTLINER™ system to the company N. Thieltges GmbH & Co. KG! The system includes four different E-packers, a water tank and two so called Gerinneliner-packers. So (almost) nothing can go wrong with the short liner rehabilitation and even defective channels are no longer a problem.

Read more about the PARTLINER™ system and the Gerinneliner.

The new resiGun AIR1125

Just like the resiGun AIR 1500, the new resiGun AIR1125 can be used to grout a double cartridge with 750ml resin and hardener each. But now, in addition to resins in a mixing ratio of 1:1, it is also possible to process resins in a ratio of 1:2. By quickly exchanging a plunger, double cartridges with 750ml resin and 325ml hardener can now also be grout out. Just like the resiGun AIR1500 the new gun runs with 6 bar compressed air.

Find out more about our resiGuns here.

More resin with less effort

More perfectly mixed resin in one go: With our brandnew paste mixing system 4C 1.3 you get three liters of Harz12 or Harz14 in one single mixing process – the perfect amount for the cartridges of robots with  shuttering system for the rehabilitation of lateral connections. More resin, less effort, higher efficiency during the rehabilitation process: The new 4C 1.3 can contain four tubular bags with  750 ml each – available now for our resins Harz12 und Harz14 for the robotic repair.

You are already working with our proven paste mixing system 4C 1.1 and always need one and a half fillings to fill the robot cartridges when mixing resin14 or resin12? Would you like to change that? No problem: We are happy to retrofit your 4C 1.1 in our factory so that you can also process the new, larger tubular bags in future.

But you would also like to continue mixing resins in 500 ml tubular bags such as Harz4, Harz8 or FlexyPox? No problem either. The new 4C 1.3 as well as a retrofitted 4C 1.1 can of course also process the smaller tubular bags.

Go with us into the future.