Protective Gloves

Protective Gloves

Protective Gloves (chemical resistance) are available in two versions:
Nitrile gloves blue provide according to DIN EN 374 20 minutes full protection on performance level III against chemical attack as well as protection against microorganisms (AQL <= 0.65) and can be for example for processing Harz8, Harz12, Harz14 and FlexyPox. PU: Package containing 50 pc.


Nitrile gloves green provide protection in accordance to: 
- DIN EN388 against mechanical risks: resistant against abrasion, cut, tear and punctures 
– DIN 374: up to 8 hours protection against chemical attack and microorganisms (AQL<= 1.5). They fit for spraying of resiShield. PU: bag with 12 pc

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