More resin with less effort

More perfectly mixed resin in one go: With our brandnew paste mixing system 4C 1.3 you get three liters of Harz12 or Harz14 in one single mixing process – the perfect amount for the cartridges of robots with  shuttering system for the rehabilitation of lateral connections. More resin, less effort, higher efficiency during the rehabilitation process: The new 4C 1.3 can contain four tubular bags with  750 ml each – available now for our resins Harz12 und Harz14 for the robotic repair.

You are already working with our proven paste mixing system 4C 1.1 and always need one and a half fillings to fill the robot cartridges when mixing resin14 or resin12? Would you like to change that? No problem: We are happy to retrofit your 4C 1.1 in our factory so that you can also process the new, larger tubular bags in future.

But you would also like to continue mixing resins in 500 ml tubular bags such as Harz4, Harz8 or FlexyPox? No problem either. The new 4C 1.3 as well as a retrofitted 4C 1.1 can of course also process the smaller tubular bags.

Go with us into the future.