Rehabilitation of a manhole cover

Rehabilitation of a manhole cover

The renovation was done by an application engineer from resinnovation GmbH.

In a street a folding manhole cover disturbs the peace of the residents. The city wants to remedy this situation and relies on the product resiTwin EP. Within a very short time the preparatory work is completed: The construction site barrier is set up, the area is first mechanically cleaned and then additionally degreased with resiClean SUFRACE.

To achieve a good result, the user tapes the edges of the manhole cover. Then the material can be grouted using the resiGun. With this compressed air gun, the material can be easily injected and ideally dosed. Depending on the gap size resiTwin EP can be used in a double cartridge of 750ml or 200ml. In this case a 400ml cartridge, with 200ml resin and 200ml hardener, was used. The resiGun AIR 400 was used for the grouting.

After the injection, the flowable resin can be smoothed out easily with a spatula. Excess material is also distributed well. The cover is now optimally connected to the road again – no more rattling. After only a few hours the work is completed and the material is completely cured. The traffic can flow again.

Two months later, it is obvious that the permanently flexible material keeps its promises. As expected, there is still silence and despite traffic there is no rattling to be heard. The cover lies perfectly on street level and the grey color in street look makes the renovation hardly noticeable.

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