4C-Paste Mixing Unit 1.3
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done 50 percent more resin in one mixing process

done Perfecty tuned for robots with shuttering system

done Easy upgrading of version 4C 1.1 to the new 4C 1.3

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4C-Paste Mixing Unit 1.3


Our latest development in the field of paste mixing plants is the 4C paste mixing unit 1.3: We have developed it especially for resins in tubular bags with 750ml contents each. Thus you receive up to 3 litres of perfectly mixed synthetic resin in only one mixing process. Version 1.3 is ideal for robots with a shuttering system whose cartridges hold 3 litres of material and is therefore particularly suitable for mixing our robot resins Harz12, Harz14 and Harz16. The result: Faster, needs-optimised mixing, less work per lateral connection and, at the same time, even less waste.

As with the proven 4C paste mixing unit 1.1, the semi-automated mixing process with static mixer achieves a complete, air-free mixing. At the same time, occupational safety is a top priority: The user has next to no contact with the material.

Anyone wishing to switch from the smaller version 1.1 to the larger version 1.3 can do so without any problems: On request, we will gladly retrofit 4C 1.1 in our factory so that you can also use the larger tubular bags in the future. But no worries: The smaller 500 ml tubular bags can still be compressed with the 4C 1.3.

The new 4C paste mixing unit 1.3 can be purchased from resinnovation GmbH or rented on a weekly basis.

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