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Imagine you can get a vacuum-impregnated, perfectly calibrated short liner. Imagine the needed amounts of product are automatically calculated, mixed and applied onto the carrier material with next-to-none contact to the operator. Imagine the documentation is already done online during the rehabilitation.

Pure imagination? No longer! The PARTLINER™ System is beginning a new era in the spot repair market. You’d like to get to know the system? Contact us!

Find out more about the PARTLINER™ resin here.

The three components of the PARTLINER™ System:

App Control: Automated processes and industry 4.0 in liner rehabilitation with the PARTLINER™ Control app! It controls the mixing process and automatically calculates the correct amount of resin and hardener for the PARTLINER™. During installation, the app documents everything in real time – paperless and accessible online for rehabilitation companies and clients.

Dosing Technology: Always the perfect mixture – with PARTLINER™ Dosing Technology! Perfectly matched in quantity, resin and hardener are mixed air-free and without contact between operator and material.

Vacuum Impregnator: Complete impregnation of the GF mat without air inclusions – no problem with the PARTLINER™ Vacuum Impregnator! The operator has hardly any contact to the mat, which is automatically impregnated and calibrated.

E-Packer Control: For optimum processing, the E-Packer Control (EPC) module optionally complements the PARTLINER™ system. The intelligent packer system is controlled via the PARTLINER™ Control app. It recognizes the conditions at the damaged area and adjusts the settings automatically. The EPC supports the operator with automated pressure build-up, heat-assisted curing and the calculation of the exact curing time. In addition, the entire process is documented online via the app.

The system can also be used to produce the new Gerinneliner. This solution for the rehabilitation of defective or non-existent channels is the perfect combination of the PARTLINER™ process and the liner sealing with Harz8.  Find out more about the Gerinneliner here.

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