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done Perfect combination of PARTLINER™ and Harz8

done Creates a new channel when substrate is missing

done Seals off if nothing else does

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Gerinneliner is the perfect combination of the shortliner technique PARTLINER™ and the connection of CIP liners to manholes with Harz8 – the perfect solution for the repair of defective channels – e. g. in case of leaks and up to completely missing channels in the shaft.

Field of application is the repair of defective or missing channels with simultaneous shaft connection, e.g. in the absence of liner overhang – in dirt, mixed water and rainwater shafts.

Colour: liner coloured and red
Time required: a few hours
Connection with Harz8 possible directly after the curing of the GRP laminate.
Special features:: does not create a flow obstacle
no bonding with the substrate in the channel area required,
thus usable even with exposed soil and missing substrate.

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