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done Coating of constructions on Epoxy resin basis

done High resistance against chemical attack

done Durable surface protection

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resiShield is an Epoxy resin system for coating of shafts, pumping stations and other underground constructions. Due to the high chemical resistance, its good bonding strength and good mechanical properties it is also most suitable for the rehabilitation of separators or the coating of bulk pits. resiShield is available in 3 different viscosities – for spreading, spraying, and filling.

Colour: green
Density: approx. 1,45 kg/litre
Consumpion: for 3 mm coating thickness approx. 4.2 kg per m2
Pot life (at 20° C): approx. 15 min. (with hardener RE38)
approx. 25 min. (with hardener RE60)
approx. 40 min. (with hardener RE80)
approx. 120 min. (with hardener RE90)
Curing time (at 10° C): approx. 2.5 hours (with hardener RE38)
approx. 4-5 hours (with hardener RE60)
approx. 8 hours (with hardener RE80)
approx. 2 hours (with hardener RE90, by curing at 60° C)
VPE: 20 kg hobbock of resiShield LV
20 kg hobbock of resiShield MV
4 x 5 kg hobbocks of resiShield HV
5 kg hobbock of hardener RE38
5 kg hobbock of hardener RE60
4 kg hobbock of hardener RE80
2,65 kg hobbock of hardener RE90

Watch now: “Coating with resiShield MV – 1,3 ton epoxy resin!”

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