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done Connects CIP liners durably flexible to manholes

done Seals annular gaps, even PE and PP surfaces

done Is exclusively installed by trained and certified users

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Harz8 is a durably flexible Epoxy resin approved by DIBt (Z-42.3-492) for the connection of CIP liners to manholes as well as for sealing annular gaps between PE or PP materials. It adopts to any geometry. By its durable flexibility after curing Harz8 balances and harmonizes movements of the single components without breaking. A special mixing process guarantees a thorough bubble-free mixing of the product.

Colour: red
Density: approx. 1,65 kg/litre
Consumption: see DIBt approval
Pot life (at 20°C): approx. 15 min
Curing time (at 10° C): approx. 35 min
Packaging unit: Package containing 10 tubular bags of 500 ml of resin
Package containing 10 tubular bags of 500 ml of hardener

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